Thursday, March 8, 2012


With Spring fast approaching, now is the time to have a Raclette...This dish originated in the Alps, where winters are cold and long. The original Raclette is actually a half wheel of Raclette cheese, a smelly but mild cow milk cheese,  that is melted in front of the fire, then "raclĂ©" (scraped) on a plate filled with potatoes and cured meats.
Nowadays, you can make a Raclette with a lot less fuss, but you will need an electrical Raclette grill. They come in all different prices, but you do not have to spend a fortune. I found mine at Homegoods for less than $50.
The cheese is harder to find. As usual, Trader Joe's is the place to go!! If you really cannot find the Raclette cheese, you can substitute with Gruyere, Comte or even Swiss cheese.


serves 8

8oz Raclette cheese per person, cut into 1/8-in slices, rind on
3 lb potatoes
Assorted cured meats: Salami. Prosciutto, Parma
Some regular ham...
Cornichons (or Gherkins) and pickled onions

Boil the potatoes, skin on.

Set the table with the grill, the meats, mushrooms, cheese, cornichons...and the potatoes once they are cooked.

Each guest should take a little of everything on their plate. They must then place a slice of cheese in the small pan and place it under the grill (according to machine instructions) and wait until it has melted. Meanwhile you can place some mushrooms on top of the grill to cook.

Once the cheese is melted, pour over the potatoes and mushroom and enjoy!!!

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